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Healings                                  SPECIAL!! 1hr Healing + 1hr Psychic Reading ONLY $150  

 Benefits from a Healing treatment:

  • Purification and balancing of the chakra system
  • Help to expand your consciousness awareness
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and relieves pain
  • Shift stagnant energy, blockages, and suppressed feelings 
  • Help you to connect to your true self - Empowerment
  • Replenish energy levels and a sense of well-being
  • Assist in recovery from injury, illness, and surgery
  • Feel more peace, tranquillity, and serenity within


Divine Energy Healing

Energy Healings are wonderful, peaceful, safe and relaxing. Paula will use her psychic, clairvoyant gifts and work intuitively with her spirit guides and angels to help you heal yourself in the safe and calm environment she works in. During a 'Divine Energy Healing', Paula will use a combination of ancient healing techniques that work well together to cleanse, purify, balance and energize you by clearing away old emotional energy blockages, stress, stagnant energies, and realign your chakras and aura for deep inner peace, harmony, and balance. Client’s lay down comfortably on the healing table and will always remain fully clothed throughout the session. Paula will pass on to you any guidance that comes through from her spirit guides for you during your healing session.

Divine Energy Healing session: 1hr - 90mins, $80 

To book a 'Divine' healing contact Paula on 021 598 822 


  • Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese “hands-on” healing technique. It is gentle, simple, loving and safe. It is “light” energy that moves gently and subtly through the body focusing on the area that is most in need of cleansing, purifying, balancing and energizing. An imbalance in your body and/or energy field may have arisen from blockages caused by negative thinking, past lives, lifestyle choices, stresses and an attitude of not loving oneself. Reiki energy healing works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level which makes this a very effective healing technique. Reiki works by clearing away the blockages, on whichever level they appear, that prevent us from being whole while at the same time clearing the aura and re-balancing the chakra system to bring you back into alignment. During the Reiki session, you may feel heat and/or a tingling energy from Paula's hands as they are placed very lightly on you in a variety Reiki hand positions. Client’s lay down comfortably on the healing table and will always remain fully clothed throughout the session. Paula will pass on to you any guidance that comes through from her spirit guides for you during your healing session. 

Reiki Healing session: 1hr - 90mins, $80

To book a 'Reiki' healing contact Paula on 021 598 822  


  • Rahanni Celestial Healing

‘Rahanni Celestial Healing' is a beautiful, relaxing healing modality that vibrates on a pink ray of light that corresponds to the heart center, therefore balancing the heart center and the masculine and feminine aspects and chakras. Bringing forth truth, love, and compassion to each individual soul. ‘Rahanni’ (means ‘of one heart’) is a life-force energy that works on a higher level, therefore, healing in a much deeper way. Very effective for releasing all fear based negative thinking and energies that have been accumulated from our experiences living here on Earth, bringing your body and mind back into balance and harmony again. This beautiful healing energy will help you heal your mental, emotional and physical problems and will help you to gain more control over your life. Many people find their attitude to life and its problems change for the better as a result of receiving ‘Rahanni'. You do not have to believe in ‘Rahanni’ for it to work, just a desire to receive and accept this wonderful energy. Client’s lay down comfortably on the healing table and will always remain fully clothed throughout the session. Paula will pass on to you any guidance that comes through from her spirit guides for you during your healing session. 

Rahanni Celestial Healing session: 1hr – 90 mins, $80

To book a 'Rahanni' healing contact Paula on 021 598 822                                                                                 


  • Distant Healing

Distant healing is a wonderful gift for yourself or anyone you know who may need healing for physical, mental and emotional well-being. It works wonderfully to help relieve pain, stress, and tension, and clear away blockages and imbalances, and can help to bring you back into alignment once again. The universal life force healing energy is not limited by time or distance, therefore, energy healings can also be given without the client needing to be present, so it doesn’t matter how far away you are you will still be able to receive healing successfully because we are all energetically connected. Paula will use a combination of healing methods such as Reiki, meditation, and prayer, finishing up with a beautiful Oneness Deeksha blessing for you. These forms of healing are very effective and do not require the use of any technology, such as a phone or internet. The distant healing you’ll receive will be done at an appointed time and day that is agreed on ahead of time. It is advised that the person receiving the healing either sit or lie down comfortably in preferably a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 30-40mins. Playing quiet relaxing music in the background and maybe lighting a candle can help you to relax even more during the healing, however, this is optional. 

Please note: Your full name, location, and a photograph of you only (if possible) will be required for the distant energy healing.

To book a Distant Healing from Paula please send your full details via the Contact page or Ph: 021 598 822

Click PayNow to make payment for your Distant Healing

  • Crystal Vibrational Chair Healing         (THIS SERVICE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)

Experience the purity of crystal, colour and sound from this unique, safe and non-invasive, reclining Crystal Chair. This amazing Crystal vibrational healing chair is embedded through the body and armrests with 14 specially attuned crystals that have been hand picked for their purity of energy to bring the energy bodies, chakras and cells of the body into alignment and harmony. Each crystal has been attuned to each individual chakra because each chakra has its own vibrational frequency. With the added energy of the chakra colour lights, pulsing through the crystals and the peaceful relaxing music that’s played through the chair makes this a truly unique and powerful relaxing vibrational healing experience. The combination of pure crystals, colour and sound, working in harmony together are very effective for releasing stagnant energy and blockages within the cells and meridians helping you reach higher levels of awareness. This chair is designed in a reclining position for your comfort and has been attuned and works with the cosmic universal energies. 

FAQ - What will I experience during and after the session?

Every person has their own unique experience as we are all individuals with different needs. People have experienced being drawn into the chairs energy field and a very deep relaxation comes over them similar to a deep meditative state. You may also experience insights. You may release old emotions during or after the sessions, this we call, peeling off the layers. You may feel the energy of your spirit guides working around you and a feeling of expansion and a deeper connection with your higher self. Others also report they experience visiting a past life during the session. People report that they have an altered state of consciousness after the session and are thinking and feeling a lot clearer. Your experience depends upon your level of awareness. 

Please note: No jewelry on hands or perfume is to be worn while on the Crystal Chair.

Crystal Vibrational Chair Healing session: 1hr - 90mins $70

To book a 'Crystal Chair' healing contact on 021 598 822



  • Paula is not a medical professional and does not claim to be.
  • Paula's Healings are complementary therapies and are not a substitute for standard chiropractic, medical, dental, mental health or psychotherapy treatment. Therefore healings should not take the place of any medications, medical treatments or evaluations when needed.
  • Understand that everyone’s session results will be different based on the client's individual needs and requirements.
  • Paula has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time, no questions asked.


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