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  • Divine Mist Collection

This beautiful range of Divine Mists have all been created using a pure blend of essential oils and flower essences. All have been bottled and made with love. These gentle healing Mists help bring balance and a deep cleansing to our Body, Mind and Spirit and Energy field. Each Mist comes with a channeled healing mantra written on the bottle. The mantra brings in a sound vibration to increase the healing of each Mist. 

Blended Mists - 125ml Bottle $24.95 each.

  • Divine Purification - Aura Cleansing: The combination of the sacred purifying herbs and oils brings a deep level of cleansing and personal purification. The Palo Santo brings in the essence of the Violet Flame to burn off unwanted energy and fill our being with light. SOLD OUT
  • Divine Cleanse - House and Land Clearing: The powerful cleansing properties of the sacred herbs and oils in this mist bring about a deep cleansing of all the energetic fields of the area that it is used. It brings in a sense of peace and protection to the space and allows Love, Light and Harmony to bring in vibrancy and clarity. SOLD OUT
  • Divine Connection - Meditation and Intuition: These flower essences and oils combine to help us connect deeply with our higher self, guides, and Angels. The flower essences open up communication pathways and insights while being able to maintain good grounding and focus. The oils bring a sense of connection and protection. SOLD OUT
  • Divine Love - Heart Healing: The Flower essences and essential oils in this mist bring together an inner awareness of the depth of the heart space and its capacity to be filled with divine love and joy. The essence of compassion for ourselves and others help us to let go of anything which does not resonate with love and embrace the power of love and happiness, filling ourselves so that it may ripple outward to others. SOLD OUT






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